Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disney to make a "prom" movie

What’s going on out their in movie land people it’s Earl and yea it’s another week of movie talk. So this past weekend we had the premiere of Tim Burton’s adaption of Alice in Wonderland and the Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I want to see Alice in Wonderland I mean the story it self is legendary.. Also Shutter Island is grabbing my attention as well; I’m kinda of playing it close to the collar. I probably will wait for some reviews first.

This past week we finally get a chance to see a preview of the movie KickAss which will probably be one of the funniest movies coming out this year. The story is about a outcast teenage kid who begins to dress up as superhero and basically gets jumped and beat up every chance he gets. Fortunately, it was not in vain as it gives others the hope to be super in their own way. This movie is basically the biggest degenerate movie of the new century, but it will most likely be dethroned eventually. The movie is considered to be so bad that the trailers are all Redband (which means only for Mature Audience) u can find them on YouTube but fair warning: you will hear a lot of f-bombs, sex jokes, and stuff.

Also everybody’s favorite movie Avatar will actually have a prequel novel..Yes I said it a prequel novel. James Cameron said he would be interested in developing a book explaining the background story of Pandora and it’s inhabits. It’s a interesting idea, saves money for doing a film and also creates a script for when he eventually does the prequel so it’s a double feature? My question is: will people actually be it? Not saying books are bad, but in the age of technology most people wouldn’t. But depending on the diehards of the movie it could still sell.

Disney….Disney actually think they understand high schoolers because they are making a movie called Prom Yes they are making a PG rated movie about the prom. I guess we will see some show tunes and completely b.s. acting as if high school can be wrapped up in just a day…Anyway that’s some of the things I thought were interesting. Ok PEACEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"No Toy Gets Left Behind"

What’s going on out there in Movieland people it’s Earl, and were going to discus another week in movies today. Other than “Bioshock 2” coming out this past week (oh yeaaa) we had some pretty good new premiere’s such as “Percy Jackson & the Olympians the Lightning Thief”, The “”Wolfman, and “Valentine’s Day”. So far so good for movie premieres this month. I’m starting to see more interesting movies so I guess the new movie season is pretty much here. Well critics reviewed each film and I was surprised to hear all 3 get some form of mix reviews. I really wasn’t rushing to see “Percy Jackson” because it looked liked a cheesy over priced CGI movie (Avatar haters back off). The “Wolfman” was viewed as a good film but not a good storyline. I wanted to see it but depending on weather conditions. “Valentine’s Day”….well I said what I felt about the “thing” last week but the critics of LA Times, and Chicago Sun thought it was worse . But one critic shouldn’t dictate what is good not good.” Dear John” is still 1# in the box office this weekend, which is pretty good because people do need some love stories especially in the crisis our country is in.

Big news for the week had to have been trailers. First well begin with a childhood favorite of everyone and their auntie, “Toy Story 3”. If you any one has yet to see the 1st trailer you can view it here, but earlier this week a 2nd trailer was released and it gave us a little more insight of the film. I was actually a little “geeked” (hype) when I saw the trailer just because it’s been so long since I’ve seen the 1st one. I actually don’t remember seeing the second.

2nd big news was over the growing anticipation is about the movie of the other “Avatar”, you know the nick show? Yea, so the movie “The Last Airbender” had a trailer during the Superbowl(I was going to make a joke but ill leave it alone) which I missed but I recently seen both trailers and was actually surprised how interesting M. Night Shyamalan is taking the story to the silver screen. So this is the stuff I thought was cool ill see you next week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will Avatar feel The Hurt Locker?

What’s going on out there in movie land people it’s Earl today well talk about John Travolta and John Travolta’s shiny head stars in “From Paris With Love”, and probably what each of your girlfriends will see everyday and night for a month straight “Dear John” and a little chit chat about the Oscar Nominee’s. Alright enough wasting time let’s get down and dirty.Yea I said it.

Lately the buzz has been about the film “From Paris with Love” has been, in my opinion hyped up due to John Travolta’s new style. At first, I was on the fence with this movie. You know since Travolta did hairspray all I can remember is how closely he resembled a woman, but looking at it from now I guess it wasn’t too bad playing a silly part. It will probably sell like crazy but do I see it breaking through to beat Avatar? Not really

Dear John”…I’m sick of seeing chicks on Facebook using quotes from the movie as their status updates. The story centers around a soldier who is on leave and falls in love with a college girl. Soon however makes the choice instead of returning home to see her, he serves another term in the wake of September 11th. The story is supposed to show how both partners become affected by the distance and time they’re apart. Well, I would recommend this to anyone who trying to impress someone, “make-up” with someone, or just into love stories. Boys if you’re in a relationship get use to the fact this movie will be shoved in your face for the next 3 weeks.

Finally, this past week the released it’s nominee’s and of course their were some surprises including one of the biggest, Zoe Saldana the other main character who was the chick in “Avatar” got snubbed . Many people were disappointed because Zoe. Tell you the truth, not really surprising. I figure they looked at “Avatar” as an overused storyline since a lot people compare it to Pocahontas. What’s more interesting is how much “The Hurt Locker” is getting recognition and guess who is competing with created the film. James Cameron’s Ex-wife! Yeaaa I know crazy right? So this year it’s going be a showdown between James Cameron and ex Mrs. Cameron. Hostility? Hope so, probably not. Only Time will tell.

Alright, people that’s it for this week until next time. also for those of you who don't know what the hurt locker is about here is one trailer
The Hurt Locker Trailer


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