Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will Avatar feel The Hurt Locker?

What’s going on out there in movie land people it’s Earl today well talk about John Travolta and John Travolta’s shiny head stars in “From Paris With Love”, and probably what each of your girlfriends will see everyday and night for a month straight “Dear John” and a little chit chat about the Oscar Nominee’s. Alright enough wasting time let’s get down and dirty.Yea I said it.

Lately the buzz has been about the film “From Paris with Love” has been, in my opinion hyped up due to John Travolta’s new style. At first, I was on the fence with this movie. You know since Travolta did hairspray all I can remember is how closely he resembled a woman, but looking at it from now I guess it wasn’t too bad playing a silly part. It will probably sell like crazy but do I see it breaking through to beat Avatar? Not really

Dear John”…I’m sick of seeing chicks on Facebook using quotes from the movie as their status updates. The story centers around a soldier who is on leave and falls in love with a college girl. Soon however makes the choice instead of returning home to see her, he serves another term in the wake of September 11th. The story is supposed to show how both partners become affected by the distance and time they’re apart. Well, I would recommend this to anyone who trying to impress someone, “make-up” with someone, or just into love stories. Boys if you’re in a relationship get use to the fact this movie will be shoved in your face for the next 3 weeks.

Finally, this past week the released it’s nominee’s and of course their were some surprises including one of the biggest, Zoe Saldana the other main character who was the chick in “Avatar” got snubbed . Many people were disappointed because Zoe. Tell you the truth, not really surprising. I figure they looked at “Avatar” as an overused storyline since a lot people compare it to Pocahontas. What’s more interesting is how much “The Hurt Locker” is getting recognition and guess who is competing with created the film. James Cameron’s Ex-wife! Yeaaa I know crazy right? So this year it’s going be a showdown between James Cameron and ex Mrs. Cameron. Hostility? Hope so, probably not. Only Time will tell.

Alright, people that’s it for this week until next time. also for those of you who don't know what the hurt locker is about here is one trailer
The Hurt Locker Trailer


schmitz.88 said...

So I went to the movies Saturday night with a group of friends. I haven’t gone to the movies since Blind Side came out. My best friend Kaitlynn really wanted to see Dear John. So we all went I didn’t read the book and I didn’t really care about seeing the movie but she was all excited so I told her we could go. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. But people were crying and I honestly didn’t think it was that sad of a movie. Yea I feel sorry for guys that have girlfriends that make them go.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I have wanted to see The Hurt Locker since it came out, but I never got around to it. Nonetheless, I amazed that a movie that came out in the late spring is now generating the buzz to take on Avatar. I think Entertainment Weekly suggested this week that The Hurt Locker is the actual favorite!

Remember to capitalize and italicize movie titles, sir.

Chris_Santos said...

the hurt locker was so good. it is different from other military movies, but in a good way. i thought that it showed the realism of what really goes on over seas. i say it is a must see

antoniolampkins said...

A lot of my friends have told me that this is a very good movie. I have also seen a lot of people talking about the over the internet and i plan to see it soon. I hear that its not a typical military movie from my friends? I signed up for netflix a week ago, so i plan to watch this movie over spring break.

Tinkerbell said...

First off nothing beats Avatar I would so watch Avatar before a freaking war movie but I guess they have to make a movie for everyone's pleasure. But even though I haven't seen hurt locker the trailer looked very intereting it was nice of you to add a link for your readers to get a glimpse of what you are talking about.


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