Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is this the slowest month of movies?

Hey out there in Movie Land what’s going on it’s your favorite critic Earl giving you the latest news on movies coming out within the following months. Such as the timely classic with a dark twist: “Alice in Wonderland”. The movie that we have seen previews for since Transformers 2, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, “Shutter Island”, and the movie that has so many big celebrities in one storyline that it might crash, “Valentine’s Day”. Here is a link to what movies have made the most in the box office this weekend from With no surprise “Avatar” still dominated in numbers but with January and February considered the “slowest” months for premiere movies it makes sense that people are still viewing it. I’m happy Mel Gibson’s movie “Edge of Darkness” did good, they said it’s been 7 ½ years since his last film. I felt like I just seen the dude in the theatre just a few months ago. Well I guess the movie “Signs” was the last movie? Not too sure but whatever.

Ok so by now most of you guys/girls have seen the “Alice in Wonderland” commercials and even for the most part seeing pictures Johnny Depp playing as The Mad Hatter (not hater for some reason people think its hater). So of course this is a Tim Burton Film so expect that whole dark and demented look. I saw the 3D trailer in the trailers for the movie “Avatar” and I think this version will do great. I have yet to even see the original Alice in Wonderland so I don’t know the story line, but if Tim Burton is doing it then most likely it will make millions in the first weekend so well see. I actually might see it also.

“Shutter Island”… apparently is finally coming out on February 19, 2010 to tell you the truth I thought this came out a year ago due to so many freaking previews since Transformers 2! I mean really a movie needs a year and ½ preparations. Anyway I was interested in the storyline and Leonardo Dicaprio is a good actor but my problem is why he is type casted all the time. Other than movie “The Departed” I feel they have him do the 1800 century types of movies. Well see how this one turns out.

Finally, we have the movie that can considerably be called, the most of A and B list actors in one movie of the year, “Valentine’s Day”. Let me just say this, they have way too many actors and actress on the same project. I mean Julie Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jenifer Gardener and Jamie Foxx? The scary part is that’s just half of them. All I’m saying is I’m not too optimistic on this film, hopefully the cast members are friends and made it work cause movies like these can either go one way or another. Then “Ocean’s Eleven” pulled it off perfectly so only time will tell. Will I see? I’ll let you decide on that. So these are the big movies coming out in February, if you want to see the trailer for each movie it will be at the bottom of this post.

That’s it people thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes it is finally here....My Avatar Review

I put this up early due to the fact it's the only time I would have a chance to type all this out cause monday's are yea..

Hey people I finally have had a chance to go see this majorly hyped movie that so many people have been talking about for months (and some years). So this is my review of James Cameron’s “ Avatar”. James Cameron is a dinosaur in the world of movies with such films like “The Terminator” films, “True Lies” and of course “Titanic” and with Avatar he broke through another barrier. He sets the tone with movie’s and storylines in a way that new and old directors always follow steps behind. I was a weary about doing this review because I wanted to talk about the storyline, special effects and the underline message that sends a message to basically everyone. So I will try to make this review as spoiler free as possible but also give a detailed one as well.

The movie itself starts out giving the audience a background story on the main character Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington. It jumps right into the world of Pandora where a rift between the human’s from Earth of course and the natives of the world, The Na’vi over the land’s natural resources that leads to inevitable fallout between both sides. The story is set in a futuristic time period, which I think was 2154, where the Earth is overflowing in population. The visual effects begin to make its mark in the movie within the first 3 minutes showing the pure magical and scared look of Pandora. The main character begins entering the planet with a one- track mind thinking of how the whole “situation” between them and us is. Soon Jack Sully begins to realize the importance of the land to the Na’vi and his whole mentality of life begins to slowly but surely change. This movie had the tradition love story with a twist of Irony displayed in crazy CGI effects.

Now the film did receive mixed review many saying it was very anti-military, and it has also created a little religious debate over religion and way of life. Most of it was people being acting radical and completely bias so it was quickly debunked.

If you have yet to see this movie then GOOO to the theatre as soon as possible because this is the type of film that needs to be viewed in theatre’s before DVD/premium channels. For the first time in a while I’m willing to spend money to view this movie all over again especially in 3-D IMAX. This is not a movie to see in a normal theatre at least view it in a 3-D screen or IMAX I can not stress this enough., but to understand the message, the underline truth, you must be an open minded individual. If you view the world, life and other cultures in only way of thinking, then you won’t appreciate this movie for what it really is.

SO all in all I’ll give James Cameron'a "Avatar" an unsurprising 5 out of 5.

If you’re interested in the Avatar's mix reactions and reviews links are below.

New York Times Review

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards (outcome and thoughts)

The Golden Globe Awards has passed us by and it was ALOT to take in. I kinda wanted to wait a little before posting this blog because I wanted to have everything together.

Blog topics: “Up In The Air was in EVERY category possible, when Tobey Maguire looked pissed the F**k off he didn’t when “Best Actor of the Year” award and most the actors/actoress talked over the limit where they played “the music”.

Mo'Nique, Precious

This was the opener for the show with the comedian Mo’Nique winning the award for supporting actress in the movie Precious. Mo’Nique delivered a heartwarming speech telling people that it’s possible reaching this level (award show speaking) and how she told her friend’s years ago it would have eventually happened. This was an emotionally beginning to another wise long night of emotional speeches. I have a feeling that Mo’Nique will be ego tripping for the next few months

Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

To tell you the truth I ended up distracted during parts of the show soooooo I did not catch the whole speech but Inglorious Basterds was a pretty good movie

Their really wasn’t much to talk about with this one other then the fact “UP” c.g.i looked amazing and probably was a good light movie to see. But, since I didn’t feel like it or have the money I passed it up…it will be on T.V. in the next year or so anyway.

The Hangover

This was probably one of the biggest surprises to win a G.G. especially with the most talked about musical movie Nine in the category. The whole pack (minus the bigger guy who walked around naked in the movie in every scene) was their including Mike Tyson. I was at first like wtf than really thought about it and I felt it was a pretty good call. The Hangover was a funny movie and it helped the new upcoming actors like Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeong. It was also nice to see Tyson get back on his feet with his kid and career. Let’s see what he does with an award under his belt.

Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holme
Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia

I think I mentioned this back in my last post but I will restate it, Robert Downey Jr. is doing a good job coming back from the drugs and drinking problems. He said this was his 12th career reboot and it looks like its going good. But you never know. Meryl Streep took the best actress which doesn’t surprise me because she’s considered a dinosaur in the movie’s..make the jokes


This was not at all a surprise due to the amount of hype Avatar got within the last month and a half. James Cameron accepted the award and began to talk about how the last 4 years was spent making the film and I have yet still seen it. If it’s like Titanic I hope to god it’s not a 3 movie with about 40 minutes of action cause in 3D.
Finally.. Dada dada dada it’s the BEST PERFORMACE IN A MOVIE or drama OF THE YEAR. WOOOOOOOO yea I’m so hyped….I’m joking

Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart

Sandra Bullock in my opinion deserved the best actress award due to the fact of how inspirational The Blind Side was. She actually had a nice year especially with The Proposal coming out earlier this year. Jeff Bridges won the best Actor in a movie my reaction? I was like what the? But the one person who look more lost was Tobey McGuire aka Spiderman. He had the look like “ill see you in the parking lot after this” l which I thought was funny as I don’t know what. But I barely remember Crazy Heart which I thought came out like last March…I mean really…REALLY? Jeff Bridges. Ok well let him get this one but I don’t see him getting the Oscar.

Well that about Raps up the Golden Globes I couldn’t cover all the areas let alone T.V. due to the fact it’s just too much in one post. I mean I’m on page 3 of this post right NOW. Out of 5 ill give the awards a 3, it felt a little dry and not hyped up which I guess can be a good thing every once and awhile. So that about does it for this entry for Movies On Deck. By next week ill have a full read out of my thoughts on Avatar (a month after it came out). So go read a book or something.

ahhhhhhhhhhh PEACE

Monday, January 11, 2010

The First weekend

Hey wha's going on out there in movie land people if you havent met me before i am Marshall and im here bringing news about upcoming trailers, actors, awards, etc. This is second blog here at, so with out further wait let's get down to business.

First off im going to give the week ends box office top 5 movies, starting from the top for the fourth week in a row Avataris the number 1 movie bring in about 48.5 million dollars in the country and about 1.5 billion worldwide. I was a little nervious on how well the movie would see across the world (since it had to make atleast 400 million to break even) but i was impressed about how much buzz it still gets a month later

coming in at number 2 was the infamous sherlock holmes solving mysteries as usual. To me it's good to see people like Robert Downy Jr. back into some more roles after his setbacks in the 90's. Hollywood can take a toll on people and it goes to show that we all can have a few setbacks in life, but the will to go on can overcome any of those setbacks.

Next up at number 3 was Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel this weekend. I have yet to see the movie (possibly i will never see it) but I think it is a good idea to have some positive movies out around this time of the year espically with a recession in the mix. The last thing kids need to do is to worry about what our world is going through.

Next at 4 was It's Complicated making going to leave it at that

Finally at 5 and breaking skin in the top 5 is Daybreakers. Daybreakers is about a futuristic world where human blood is needed to sustain life for an alternative looks pretty good i have yet to see it so i might give it a try.

Aright people i got to go but I will see you later this week. PEACE

movie of the week: Oceans 11 starring george cloney and brad pitt

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movies On Deck!

Hey! if your viewing this blog then you must have a thing for action, comedy, romatic or even the thrills and chills either way welcome to MoviesOnDeck the blog that gets down to what movies are hot and which you should completely ignore and save money on. MoviesOnDeck takes a look into movie trailers and critic reviews of some of the hottest movies to hit this year. I will take a look at actors,actoress up and coming talent. Also with the cinema award season now in the headlights, I will give a little intake on what films should receive an award(keyword is should) and which ones needed a little more steam. MoviesOnDeck will certainly not disappoint.

The agenda here at MoviesOnDeck is on the first post of the week (usually monday) we talk about the top 5 movies of the weekend and i will give a little background thought on each one and how they did. next we will talk about the big actors starring in those movies, and how they level out to the competition.

Next I will then go into detail of some of the next movies in production,actors and actress who will star in them and also their due date for launch. Plus we will have flashback post of movies that came out a few years back and just a quick fresher of how good they were or bad. Finally I will end my post talking about the movie of the week (or weekend) to view. This is the first post of many so stay tuned people!


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