Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is this the slowest month of movies?

Hey out there in Movie Land what’s going on it’s your favorite critic Earl giving you the latest news on movies coming out within the following months. Such as the timely classic with a dark twist: “Alice in Wonderland”. The movie that we have seen previews for since Transformers 2, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, “Shutter Island”, and the movie that has so many big celebrities in one storyline that it might crash, “Valentine’s Day”. Here is a link to what movies have made the most in the box office this weekend from With no surprise “Avatar” still dominated in numbers but with January and February considered the “slowest” months for premiere movies it makes sense that people are still viewing it. I’m happy Mel Gibson’s movie “Edge of Darkness” did good, they said it’s been 7 ½ years since his last film. I felt like I just seen the dude in the theatre just a few months ago. Well I guess the movie “Signs” was the last movie? Not too sure but whatever.

Ok so by now most of you guys/girls have seen the “Alice in Wonderland” commercials and even for the most part seeing pictures Johnny Depp playing as The Mad Hatter (not hater for some reason people think its hater). So of course this is a Tim Burton Film so expect that whole dark and demented look. I saw the 3D trailer in the trailers for the movie “Avatar” and I think this version will do great. I have yet to even see the original Alice in Wonderland so I don’t know the story line, but if Tim Burton is doing it then most likely it will make millions in the first weekend so well see. I actually might see it also.

“Shutter Island”… apparently is finally coming out on February 19, 2010 to tell you the truth I thought this came out a year ago due to so many freaking previews since Transformers 2! I mean really a movie needs a year and ½ preparations. Anyway I was interested in the storyline and Leonardo Dicaprio is a good actor but my problem is why he is type casted all the time. Other than movie “The Departed” I feel they have him do the 1800 century types of movies. Well see how this one turns out.

Finally, we have the movie that can considerably be called, the most of A and B list actors in one movie of the year, “Valentine’s Day”. Let me just say this, they have way too many actors and actress on the same project. I mean Julie Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jenifer Gardener and Jamie Foxx? The scary part is that’s just half of them. All I’m saying is I’m not too optimistic on this film, hopefully the cast members are friends and made it work cause movies like these can either go one way or another. Then “Ocean’s Eleven” pulled it off perfectly so only time will tell. Will I see? I’ll let you decide on that. So these are the big movies coming out in February, if you want to see the trailer for each movie it will be at the bottom of this post.

That’s it people thanks for reading.


Shinobi110990 said...

There has been a mass amount of previews over a long period of time for “Shutter Island.” Although I still wouldn’t mind seeing it for it looks like it might be good. But who knows, it could end up letting me down.

I would have to agree with you about the movie “Valentine’s Day.” For there are so many people in the movie that it’s either going to be great or suck, guess will just have to see. Who knows by the time it comes out they might add another couple of people to the list (just kidding).

Derek John Boczkowski said...

"The Mad Hater." Huh, that's pretty much a redundancy.

Where are the links here? You talk about them, but . . . Try working in links that are more than movie trailers (although it's fine to have those in each post). If there is a side topic you'd like to introduce as your discussing the movies, a hyperlink might be your ticket.

Nice detail in these, although I'd suggest a pic/link to trailer for each movie you discuss.


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