Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes it is finally here....My Avatar Review

I put this up early due to the fact it's the only time I would have a chance to type all this out cause monday's are yea..

Hey people I finally have had a chance to go see this majorly hyped movie that so many people have been talking about for months (and some years). So this is my review of James Cameron’s “ Avatar”. James Cameron is a dinosaur in the world of movies with such films like “The Terminator” films, “True Lies” and of course “Titanic” and with Avatar he broke through another barrier. He sets the tone with movie’s and storylines in a way that new and old directors always follow steps behind. I was a weary about doing this review because I wanted to talk about the storyline, special effects and the underline message that sends a message to basically everyone. So I will try to make this review as spoiler free as possible but also give a detailed one as well.

The movie itself starts out giving the audience a background story on the main character Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington. It jumps right into the world of Pandora where a rift between the human’s from Earth of course and the natives of the world, The Na’vi over the land’s natural resources that leads to inevitable fallout between both sides. The story is set in a futuristic time period, which I think was 2154, where the Earth is overflowing in population. The visual effects begin to make its mark in the movie within the first 3 minutes showing the pure magical and scared look of Pandora. The main character begins entering the planet with a one- track mind thinking of how the whole “situation” between them and us is. Soon Jack Sully begins to realize the importance of the land to the Na’vi and his whole mentality of life begins to slowly but surely change. This movie had the tradition love story with a twist of Irony displayed in crazy CGI effects.

Now the film did receive mixed review many saying it was very anti-military, and it has also created a little religious debate over religion and way of life. Most of it was people being acting radical and completely bias so it was quickly debunked.

If you have yet to see this movie then GOOO to the theatre as soon as possible because this is the type of film that needs to be viewed in theatre’s before DVD/premium channels. For the first time in a while I’m willing to spend money to view this movie all over again especially in 3-D IMAX. This is not a movie to see in a normal theatre at least view it in a 3-D screen or IMAX I can not stress this enough., but to understand the message, the underline truth, you must be an open minded individual. If you view the world, life and other cultures in only way of thinking, then you won’t appreciate this movie for what it really is.

SO all in all I’ll give James Cameron'a "Avatar" an unsurprising 5 out of 5.

If you’re interested in the Avatar's mix reactions and reviews links are below.

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schmitz.88 said...

I know you feel about Mondays being hectic. Plus its one less thing you have to do. I haven’t seen avatar yet. I kind of think the world may eventually overflow in population. Just because today we have a lot more technology then we once had and people keep finding new solutions to all the different problems in the world. Some of my friends saw avatar and they enjoyed the movie but they did say it did have a religious debate and how people live. Another one of my friends say it in 3-D and he said the first five minutes was sweet but after that it wasn’t.

Anonymous said...

Avatar was a sweet movie. Some of the things that stuck out for me were the scenery and envirement setting on the planet Pandora. I thought how everything (trees, plants, people, etc.) were neon on at night. The battle scene towards the end was also pretty much insane. The beginning started out slow in my opinion but it gradually got better and better as it went on.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

I think you might be missing an important word or two here, Earl: "If you view the world, life and other cultures in only way of thinking, then you won’t appreciate this movie for what it really is." I think you're suggesting that the movie's message of understanding difference may be lost on those who are complaining?

I, too, have yet to see Avatar, but before I have the time, it'll probably be long out of theaters.

Don't forget the links!

Tucker McLean said...

I have yet to see avatar, but I guess it’s the hit movie. I hear things about it all the time on the radio how it is the number one movie out. I don’t care to go watch movies so I will probably won’t see it. I have seen it advertised on TV and I’m not much into what it was displaying. All of my friends have watched and said that it is their favorite movie out at this time.


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