Monday, January 11, 2010

The First weekend

Hey wha's going on out there in movie land people if you havent met me before i am Marshall and im here bringing news about upcoming trailers, actors, awards, etc. This is second blog here at, so with out further wait let's get down to business.

First off im going to give the week ends box office top 5 movies, starting from the top for the fourth week in a row Avataris the number 1 movie bring in about 48.5 million dollars in the country and about 1.5 billion worldwide. I was a little nervious on how well the movie would see across the world (since it had to make atleast 400 million to break even) but i was impressed about how much buzz it still gets a month later

coming in at number 2 was the infamous sherlock holmes solving mysteries as usual. To me it's good to see people like Robert Downy Jr. back into some more roles after his setbacks in the 90's. Hollywood can take a toll on people and it goes to show that we all can have a few setbacks in life, but the will to go on can overcome any of those setbacks.

Next up at number 3 was Alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel this weekend. I have yet to see the movie (possibly i will never see it) but I think it is a good idea to have some positive movies out around this time of the year espically with a recession in the mix. The last thing kids need to do is to worry about what our world is going through.

Next at 4 was It's Complicated making going to leave it at that

Finally at 5 and breaking skin in the top 5 is Daybreakers. Daybreakers is about a futuristic world where human blood is needed to sustain life for an alternative looks pretty good i have yet to see it so i might give it a try.

Aright people i got to go but I will see you later this week. PEACE

movie of the week: Oceans 11 starring george cloney and brad pitt


Derek John Boczkowski said...


I would be interested in hearing your thoughts more fully about one movie. What will bring me (and others) to read your blog is if you write from an insightful, original perspective.

Look at these blogs for ideas:


Anonymous said...

I just went and swaw Avatar over the weekend and it was a pretty sick movie. I liked it alot. the intense battle scences were crazy. I wasnt bored or didnt lose intrest in the movie for one second. I can see how its the top movie on the charts. Another movie I just recently saw was The Book of Eli. This was another good flick. It was different than Avatar was tho. Its about the last bible on earth and a mans will to protect it. I suggest seeing both these movies. There awesom!


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