Monday, March 15, 2010

Are Cliche's cool???

What’s your favorite movie? Mines have to be Jurassic Park. What makes it so entertaining for me is was how the archeologist and the rest of the group barely escaped the raptors and got off the island just in time. To many people that would be considered a cliché because the hero always escapes at the last minute and recently I read through another bloggers post and he felt the same. John Campea over at created a post about 4 years ago stating the “8 Thing I’m Sick of Seeing in Movie’s”.

He felt that Directors have become to accustom to trends and Hollywood endings. I for one, believe that a cliché every once and while can be helpful for an audience. We deal with so much trash in real life I don’t think we need to be reminded in the movie’s of if. Here are a few examples of Campea’s cliché’s.

Campea’s first cliché: The current boyfriend/husband of the main character’s would be love interest is a total jerk.

His grip was that in most cases be an insensitive guy who yells and basically treats his girlfriend horrible. John says that 9 times out of ten the girl you’re into will most likely stay with that guy for the reasons of peer pressure. True statement, but as I stated earlier sometimes we need to be reminded that an average guy does have the opportunity to score with a popular girl. In life, how many times does the guy actually get the hottest girl in school, or in the city? Barely? I’ve been through a few of those moments growing up, and I believe the fact that if one guy somewhere can actually become the girl’s love interest, despite the odds, I think that would be a win to all guys. Whether it be a movie or not.

Next cliché: A fight breaks out in a bar/restaurant, EVERYONE will jump in.
He described that if at anytime a bar fight would erupt then for some reason everyone would then join in. John stated that he been through a few bars and seen his fair share of them. But anytime a fight does break out, not only do people not join the fight, but the bouncer/security removes both parties immediately. In my belief the reason why bar fight Cliché is still around because of how “over the top” it really is. In real life we will probably never see an out of control bar fight, but every once and awhile, the audience needs excitement, and a broken glass bottle to the head usually does the trick.

Cliché’s at times can be an eye-roller especially with drama’s or action flicks. But to me, in real life, The last thing I want to do is be remembered that life is mostly one-sided and of course, the “bad guy” or always wins. For instance, as a kid growing up I had problems getting along with kids in elementary school. I’m ok with making friends, but the fact of them being true friends was the problem. I remember sometimes watching movies such as Rugrats and Space Jam because in those films, you had true buddies. That’s what I like about movies, the fact that I can watch a storyline and say: “wow maybe it is possible”. Day-to-Day I have to be reminded of life’s unfortunate moments. In the past I had problems with relationships, finding a job for tuition, making sure me and my mother are living comfortably and in the future it will happen, that’s life. But what keeps me separated from serenity and going crazy, is the fact that I can watch a movie wheather it be forty-five minutes or even an hour, and feel free. Don’t need to be reminded about, work, or making sure grades are high enough for scholarship. When I’m in the movie, all that matters to me is: What will happen next?

I understood where John was coming from, there things we all get sick of seeing in movies. There are moments were have to roll my eyes over the fact of obvious clichés. Things like “the idiot friend bias” where for some reason the best friend of the main character is either a jokester or completely unneeded. Even the cliché at the end of romantic movies the guy looks straight into the girls eyes, stares for a minute and just say “I love You”. So believe me I understand where Campea is coming from. I’m not against the guy or anything, but I personally felt that there are some cliché’s that can have us leaving the theater feeling positive. Even though we grow more hardened to what the world throws at us, I believe every now and then it’s good to see the underdog win.

To throw a bone for anyone who feels the hate for cliche's here is a very funny trailer for a


Tinkerbell said...

At first while I was reading your blog I thought it only focused on what John Campsea had to say and what he thought about Cliche's rather than wht you thought. But as I kept reading, you then explained your views on Cliche's. Way to fool me. I also admire how you were able to focus this post onto you thats something that I currently struggle with.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

"Even the cliché at the end of romantic movies the guy looks straight into the girls eyes, stares for a minute and just say 'I love You.'"

My favorite take on that.


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