Monday, March 15, 2010

"Personal Buddies"

Hey there people out their in Movie Land this is Earl and This will be a start of my final two post for a while. If you look at the list of my post you will find a 2nd post. These two were special topics that I have been thinking about as of lately. In the first part I will talk about how exactly movies and I have a bond, since early beginnings.

I have a personal question for you guys. What was one of the first films you seen growing up that you were so fascinated with growing up? I mean the one where you wanted to always watch it over and over again. For me Space Jam was my partner in crime. Why you might ask? .When I was a kid I was an only child so most times it would be just my mother and I. Fortunately I had some buddies in my neighborhood to keep me company after school. But as most of you know that couldn’t do the trick always, not that they weren’t good friends, but sometimes that even got old. But the one thing I know could..movies .To be honest the movie that probably has had the biggest impact growing up, and still a favorite, is probably Space Jam. It had a bit of real life and animation mixed into one movie and had the story was centered around real life professional basketball player Michael Jordan coming out of retirement to help save the world by competing against a group of aliens in a game of 5-on-5 basketball. The movie had a little of everything; funny storyline, Warner Brothers cartoon characters and of course superstars like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

What made it an inspirational movie to me was how reminded me that it is possible achieving the milestones that athletes like M.J if a kid from Chicago can make a way to a professional career , then any of us can too. I remember when I first saw it for the first time. No one could even speak let alone come between me and the storyline. I was always so tuned into the movie until puberty and life began rearing its head and soon the movie became just a flashback. See I loved how whenever Im feeling emotionally down, or disappointed at something I can just pop in the tape and fall back into the world of Loony Toons. Whether it be Bug’s Bunny trying to be the mediator, Daffy; the wanna-be hero, or Jordan, their saving grace,

I feel like anytime I need help, their there. I see the movie Awhile back (during summer) as I was going through things for college I ran into a few old memorabilia and of course “Space Jam”. I had downtime to watch it and automatically fell back into my youth. Watching it all over again I began to reflect over favorite scenes. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny running through M.J.’s house, and when they had the big basketball game at the end scenes brought back the fun memories of movies and growing up.

This was one of the reasons I made a blog about movies: reminding us the joys and thrill of a great film whether it be Star Wars or The Rugrats as individuals seem to have a connection to old time greats. Actually movies at a young age had such a hold on me I felt maybe it was possible to become something or someone so important that the world would one day need my help. In a way, Space Jam is connected to my past career choices (archeologist, scientist, firefighter) and probably why I made a choice to become a teacher. Space Jam to me is like an old buddy I haven’t seen in ages, even though you’re not around that buddy, you still have a connection. Space Jam is just that, my connection to a calmer world. So what are some of your “Personal Buddies”
Here was the trailer for the movie
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Shooter24 said...

Wow. I can't see anyone reading this and not trigger a massive case of nostalgia. Man, Space Jam!!? But yea, movies are indeed better in the company of friends. It seems like your speaking on things from a childhood level. As a pretty nostalgic person my self, I can relate to that sensational comforting feeling one gets when thinking fondly on the past (in this case movies like space jam). Really nice post man. This made my day.

Derek John Boczkowski said...

"Really nice post man. This made my day."

Can't ask for much better than that.


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